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Camellia, Jonah, Zeus and Odin are Shelties. Each one is a piece of work in his/her own right.

This is Camellia when she was about 1 year old. Wasn't she cute?

This is a recent picture of Camellia, who is now 2 and a half.

Here's Camellia rolling around in fresh snow during a recent snowstorm here in NY. She loves the snow!

Need any more proof Camellia is a snow dog? Here she is burrowing through the snow with her nose!

Here's proof that somewhere waaaay back in Camellia's pedigree there must be some mountain goat. She stands on her mound (about 6-8 feet of snow), and rules over her domain.

And here's Jonah, our most recent addition. He's a bit under a year old in this picture, but he's not as much a snow dog as Camellia. He'd rather be inside and warm!

Another picture of Jonah. I liked the ear that was being blown up by the wind.

This is Odin, settled very comfortably on the couch!

And here are both Zeus and Odin on the couch, each with his own side!

Here's a picture of Odin and Camellia laying down, looking over their shoulders. A one in a million shot.

Kerby & Tisi's Page Kerby is a Jack Russell Terrier and Tisi is a Parson's Jack Russell Terrier. They are too cute, and have a pretty cool web page, too, including a live video shot of Kerby...

This is Quisha at 2 years old. Just a beautiful (and wonderful) dog. She has became a champion in confirmation but now excells most as a loving loyal companion -- a pet. From Ken (

Buddy-D is a shepherd cross, about 2 years old, rescued from an animal shelter and the most charming little "lapdog" I know.

Rozzy is a purebred 3 year old GSD, who came to us as a rescue from Montana (we're in Buffalo, NY). She is now queen boss of the house!

Buddy-D and Rozzy live with Patty and Nancy near Buffalo, NY. Their email address is and they love getting mail.

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