by Tasha Hamilton (from the Dachshund board)

Let me tell you what happened
when I had to go outside
I'm afraid my Mom is losing it
I'm thinking I should hide

I got up as usual
went out to do my thing
And there was Mom with a little bowl
What a ding-a-ling!

I kept staring at her
wondering what she had in mind
And everytime I looked at her
she was watching my behind

I really wanted my privacy
because I had to go
But she kept stalking after me
as if Inspector Clouseau

I couldn't hold it any more
and finally had to pee
Damned if Mom didn't take the bowl
and shove it under me

It seemed to please her very much
as if she'd won a prize
But who am I to argue
when "that" look is in her eyes

What I don't understand
is why she wanted that stuff
And why she had to save it
when there's always more than enough

Maybe the stress of the season
is finally taking its toll
So just wanted to warn the rest of you
watch out when they get that bowl

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