"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
-- Unknown

Some of these items originally came from the canine-l and sheltie-list mailing lists. My thanks to those folks on the list who have given permission for their stories to be put up here. Some didn't have any names to give credit, so if you know someone who deserves credit, let me know by sending me a message at farokh@mcf.com, and I'll fix it up!

The following items all pertain in some way to the Rainbow Bridge and/or the subject of dealing with the decisions and grief of losing a pet.

Many people look for the description of the Rainbow Bridge, so I've made it easily available.

Here's a wonderful story about one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

I've seen a few tributes on various lists, so I've started a Tributes page for those beloved pets who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

This is a short story about a Little Dog Angel.

Will you be able to do the right thing When the Time Comes? This piece may be of help when you have to make the decision When the Time Comes.

Another short, but wonderful, poem about having lost a loved pet, and why not to Grieve Too Long...

Here's a very touching short poem about a pup who would rather be waiting than go into Heaven without his/her special human.

Here's a touching composition written in tribute to the efforts of one rescue person, but applies to all who open their homes and hearts to a pup who has been abused. Read Until we meet again.

Warning! The following items are sure to bring tears to your eyes. It was very difficult converting them from the original text to web pages, but I felt that they were important enough to make the effort. If you love dogs (or any other pet for that matter), you should read these.

Here's a sad story about a dog that is For Sale...To a Good Home.

Another a sad story about a dog that is wondering Do I go Home today?

This one is a major tearjerker. I read it on the Sheltie-List, but the original author is unknown. I am famous now?.

A Dog Sits Waiting. Waiting for someone who will never return for him.

I most certainly hope that there is special place reserved for those who use and abuse pets. And I don't mean a nice place, either!

These are some bits that don't fit into any specific category, but are worth reading.

For a touching real life dog story, check out Beckett's Story as told by his "mom".

If your dog could tell you what he/she wants out of you, A Dogs Plea would probably be what he/she would tell you.

Here's a story about Senator Vest, circa 1896. Here's his Tribute to the Dog.

Here are a few humorous bits that I've found around the net.

Check out David Letterman's Top Ten Reasons For Losing the Westiminster Dog Show.

What's on a dogs mind when you try to get a sample? (What kind of sample you ask?) Well, check out The Perils of Renee.

Here's a script for a commercial I bet we'll never see. Read all about the Glad-Lock Commercial.

Have you Gone To The Dogs? Read this and see.

In the Jingle Bells spirit? Well, check out this version of the old classic, which I've taken the liberty of calling Yorkie Bells.

So, you wanna be a dog? Well, here are some Basic Dog Rules you should know about.

Here are some interesting mixed breeds.

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